середа, 22 листопада 2017 р.

The Flavour of November

       I love autumn for its colourful beauty when the trees put on spectacular outfits, for the brisk days, which are clear, crisp and cool. You take long walks and breathe deeply. Autumn’s weather can be wicked, so you really appreciate the warm rays of the weary sun. Autumn is a season of change from summer to winter. It is known as harvest time. The flavour of the last autumn month is thankfullness. With Thanksgiving coming up in November you may realise that you are blessed in so many ways! And you feel happy.

понеділок, 4 вересня 2017 р.


SUMMER is over but...

Do You Have Your Warm Memories About Summer? Tell us where you spent the longest holidays, what you did and saw, share your impressions and feelings.

понеділок, 29 травня 2017 р.

HAPPY FRIENDS meet in a Summer Language Camp

Get much fun with HAPPY FRIENDS  Summer Language Camp!
Play and dance!
Learn new songs!
Make new friends! Enjoy every day!
Collect happy moments and the warmest memories!